Happy Easter

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Easter is such a joyous time of year - it falls in April this year and the word April comes from the Latin word Aperire - meaning 'to open' as in Spring flowers and blooms.  The awakening of nature after winter can be fully appreciated at this time of year as the frosty nights are a thing of the past and new growth blossoms in the gardens and fields. 

With the beautiful weather we have been experiencing so early this year everything is bursting into flower offering a wide range of colours. It gives me a sense of joy and enthusiasm to sit in the garden and enjoy all these blooms that we have missed over the winter. Beauty in the natural world feels so 'right' .

The garden is becoming busy with insects collecting pollen and the activity is infectious. I have been making sketches of the various flowers to use as research for more paintings. Sketching this way gives me a chance to try different techniques and ways to capture the character of the flower. A type of note taking but in drawing form. Sometimes I add notes too. This is a little selection from my sketchbooks that I am working in at the moment. I hope you enjoy it.




The elements that I look at in my studies are colour and texture. I view the plants from different angles, the way they are grouped together or grow individually, how the leaves join the stem and the petals join together - so many aspects to look at. I try to catch the insects if I can, they always seem to sense me and move on and I end up chasing them from flower to flower. At the moment we have a few bees and quite a few Lady Birds that I hope will keep away some of the greenfly that I know are only waiting to eat my Lupins!

I have chosen some of my watercolour paintings that most remind me of Spring. There is a delicacy to this time of year in the garden, plants are just putting out their new growth and the leaves are tender,  I hope I capture that feeling on paper and preserve it in my fine art prints. The Giclee method of printing that I use replicates the effect of the watercolour paints and paper perfectly and the colour lasts for 150 years, I am delighted to present this quality of prints of my watercolour paintings.


'Columbine' - one of the early flowers


framed print of a watercolour painting of bees on cornflowers

'Bee Happy' - the first bees on our cornflower


Framed watercolour of a blue tit eating willow buds

'Outdoor Dining'- a blue tit feeding on the spring catkins


With the Cottage Garden Gift Box the presentation Box includes 5 studies of different flowers from my cottage garden on greetings cards and a pack of Cottage garden seeds which you can sprinkle around your garden at this time of year and watch then grow and flower -- you don't need any expertise or equipment for this. I have chosen these seeds because they self seed in the garden without any help from me.




photograph of poppies flowering

Some of the flowers in our Cottage Garden Gift Box

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