Lucy Erridge Art


My name is Lucy Erridge MA.

Originally a knitwear designer, I trained at the Royal College of Art, London.

Painting in watercolour I take my inspiration from nature and wildlife – plants with gorgeous colours and textures, animals and birds with their unique personalities. Applying watercolour and creating rich colourful paintings is incredibly satisfying.


My original watercolours started to sell and clients began to request particular sizes to suit their rooms, so I explored the world of Fine Art Printmaking and Giclée printing. Through prints I can offer a variety of sizes of my paintings while keeping the quality of the original. It is fascinating to see how the brush strokes and detail look when the size changes. In addition to high quality Fine Art Prints I have also created sets of beautiful greeting cards which can be purchased with or without wildflower seeds, harvested from our own wildlife garden. Give the gift of wonderful evocative images of flowers with an accompanying packet of seeds to inspire the receiver to reconnect with nature.

The watercolour paints

White Nights watercolours have been made in Russia since 1934 in St Petersburg. I was introduced to these paints by my mother who successfully used them for years.

They are made using Gum Arabic, honey and fine grade pigment particles. The amount of pigment in the mix is very high which allows for intense colour but is also transparent when used in many layers.

I find that I can achieve the deep bright colours that I like to use, and apply using a wet or dry technique where appropriate. If I dilute the paint for fine washes they still retain their individual colour. I am still discovering the range of techniques that I can achieve with these paints.

They are also light resistant so the original watercolour will retain its colour for a long time.

Giclée prints

This form of printing means that the chromatic pigment inks are sprayed onto the paper capturing the details and colours of the painting.

The paper is Epsom Somerset Velvet Archival fine art paper 255gsm, an excellent weight and surface.  It is archival quality and acid free so it won’t discolour or yellow with age. The print will keep its colour, being light resistant for 150 years.